Nokia N95: Multimedia… All the Way |

Nokia N95 is a superb multimedia device, which empowers you with an exhaustive range of options, from an MP3 player to a digital camcorder and a 5 megapixel camera. Undoubtedly, Nokia has been popular throughout the whole world to bring forth the latest technology and amazing multimedia accessories, in quite easy to use devices. With such a quest for innovation, Nokia has really redefined the conventional and popular modes of communications and entertainment.As such, all the mobile phones from the Nokia N series boast of excellent multimedia capabilities and Nokia N95 is another extension in that popular tradition. With its unique and substantial features, Nokia N95 can easily replace your other favourite gadgets such as digital cameras and MP3 players. Moreover, it also comes with a 5 megapixel digital camera, which is further assisted by a camera key, an autoflash and integrated video recording capabilities at thirty frames per second. Thus, it allows you to capture each and every special moment of your life in full detail. There are advanced video capabilities, which allow you to enjoy video streaming, video recording and video playback.All the features of the Nokia N95 are supported via an advanced Symbian operating system. This system supports all the basic programs like photo and video editing with music programs. Well, video calling has been made possible because of a second CIF camera. You can also take care of your professional needs with other features such as calculator, calendar, conference calling, and document viewer.The Nokia N95 is endowed with a handsfree speaker, which enables the user to talk on the phone without holding the handset. Moreover, Nokia N95 also offers you advanced Internet options of HSDPA and Wifi, Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS and a WAP browser. Actually Wifi or Wireless LAN is the latest technology, which makes the wireless connectivity quite effective and much easier. So, grab a Nokia N95 and enjoy the best of 3G technology, with huge range of features. Nokia N95

Nokia N95: Relish the Power of Multimedia |

Nokia N-series earned accolades around the world, as a collection of remarkable handsets with loads to offer. Well, Nokia N95 is one of these powerful mobile handsets, which empowers you to explore unlimited possibilities with multimedia. Duly equipped with innovative technology and various interesting features to perform various things with much ease. Moreover, it would not be an exaggeration to call it a portable multimedia computer because of its various multimedia capabilities. There are other interesting features in the Nokia N95, which makes it a happening gizmo with excellent video and photo capabilities, intuitive display, and high-speed connectivity.Capture all the larger than life moments with your Nokia N95. This unique handset is equipped with various camera features, which give you print quality photos and amazing DVD-like video clips. Take all your shots from different angles and make the desired changes with photo and video editor. You can watch all your video clips and photos by attaching your handset to any compatible TV by using its TV out feature.Equipped with superb features, the Nokia N95 can be your perfect navigator. Actually it is loaded with a 2-way slide concept, which makes the navigation as easier as possible and you would never forget to find the right path. You can also use this feature to perform various other things simultaneously as it also reads maps. To make the usability easier and comfortable, the Nokia N95 comes with a sturdy yet soft numeric keypad and on the flip side, you would find dedicated media keys for various other functions.There are certain other cool features, which can provide you an wholesome entertainment experience. When it comes to display, it is endowed with a large 2.6-inch QVGA display, which is further made more vivid with 3D graphics. To provide you reverberating sound, the Nokia N95 comes with in-built stereo speakers and also with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, which ensures that you get the excellent sound every time you play your favourite music. So, grab a Nokia N95 and brings some amazing changes in your mobile life. Nokia N95