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The automobile industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors in the recent economic recession. However, automobile dealerships have proven time and again over the past one hundred years to be incredibly resilient and capable of changing with the times. Embracing new technologies such as email and mobile marketing is one of the reasons for this resiliency.Many dealerships have had great success over the years with traditional direct mail but are looking for ways to increase the results they are getting with their campaigns. Response ratios have been slowly eroding and although still confident in the medium, dealership managers want to stem that slide. Today those same dealerships are finding ways to increase direct mail response rates by combing direct mail with a new mixed media approach.The New Multimedia EventConsumers today have access to computers at home and work and are never without their cell phones. They constantly check their text and email messages throughout the day. That is the basis for a new formula for success – the Multimedia Event.Like all successful campaigns, a direct mail piece must be developed that contains a powerful, time sensitive offer. However, it also needs to include a unique additional “call to action”, such as:”The first 100 people that pre-register by texting the letters DEALER to 3xxxx on their cell phone will receive an additional $250 off the purchase of a new vehicle and be automatically registered to win a 42″ plasma TV.”The direct mail piece is then sent to the customers and prospects in the dealership’s database as well as emails messages to the same in house list, prior to the scheduled event. Additionally, emails can be sent to a specific local opt in email database supplied by an email list vendor in order to increase the local market penetration.Strategic Text Messaging WorksA series of follow up text messages are then sent to every customer and prospect in the dealership’s database that has a cell phone number. These text messages must be short, concise alerts reminding recipients not to forget the sales event.What dealerships who have implemented this approach have learned is that contrary to reports, direct mail is anything but dead provided you deliver your message through a mixture of media. By combing a traditional direct mail campaign with an inexpensive email and text message campaign, new life can breathed into an old medium, one that is becoming ever more costly with continual postal rate increases.By developing the right creative and using the right technology, direct mail can still work when combined with email and mobile marketing and this new multimedia event formula can work for your automobile dealership.

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Numerous bloggers and small website managers enjoy a small budget for their online actions and promotions and no tech skills to help them with their website management. One of the greatest, affordable and favored options, in this kind of scenarios, is to get a WordPress theme, which is simple to install and handle. So far, so good; still, what can a blogger do when he wishes to include a rich media display that is not featured in the theme? How can he produce and insert a video player? Where can he host the media without paying more money? The average person does not know how to embed slideshow, podcast or other rich media displays, and appointing an expert for the project is a fairly pricey business.The good news is that there are different cost-free WordPress plugins designated to this objective, the disadvantage, actually, is the wide range of plugins available on the web. The massive diversity may be confusing since each WordPress plugin provides different solutions and functionalities.As a site manager, first you need to specify your necessities then carefully look at the features offered by each WordPress plugin. The highly suitable extensions are those that grant you with a complete rich media package. A full multimedia WordPress plugin may help you establish and handle any element of your content like uploading, resizing, encoding,delivering, tracking and even storing your data with no limitation to your basic hosting server quota. Several of the platforms which design a multimedia WordPress plugin include advanced services such as CDN, portable device support, user-download functions and a large selection of audio and video players and slideshows skins, which may be customized based on your own preference.As in any other field, learning the small letters is very important. Verify that the multimedia application allows you to produce the kind of content you like to display, and that you receive all the specifics you need concerning how to embed slideshow,audio player, video slider, podcast or any other widget. Aim for the optimal plugin but remember it does not necessarily means you will need to pay much. Some of the most reputable, professional and convenient services are free of charge for limited websites that do not need much space.Thus, if you wonder how to embed slideshow or player the answer is summed up to install, select, insert. Download your chosen WordPress plugin, decide on the content you would like to publish and modify your options, this is in fact your major obligation, and eventually, copy the simple code generated by the application and insert it wherever you want on your webpage.

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True to its reputation as a leader in mobile telephony, the manufacturer from Finland Nokia has always endeavoured to quench the thirst of the most demanding consumers. Converging technology with digital entertainment to give you unparalleled mobility, Nokia with its iconic lineage of N-series multimedia devices enriches communicating on mobile. Music, imaging, browsing and the latest T.V viewing, you have it all on this exclusive series of mobile phone. Each bettering the other, the mobile phones be it Nokia N73 or Nokia N93 has always charmed mobile users with their form and functionalities. In this article we will discuss three popular members of Nokia N-series.Nokia N73: Candy bar design gives this handset simple yet contemporary looks. Powerful camera with Carl Zeiss optics helps you freeze special moments in life. Advanced music capabilities in its latest music edition is music to ears. Technically sound with Quadband, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth, Nokia N73 is not only an entertainer but also has business utility tools enabling you to work while you are on move.Nokia N93: A digital camrecorder, a multimedia computer and a mobile phone…all have been rolled into one-the Nokia N93. Stereo sound to make your music more reverberating. But the best part is its superb imaging capabilities. 3.2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, digital zoom to give you quality snaps and DVD like videos. Internet, multimedia, FM radio and a large vibrant screen to simply keep you indulged.Nokia N95: The best in imaging is with Nokia N95 . 5-megapixel camera with Vario-Tessar lens to unleash your creative side. Shoot quality snapshots and share them with people who matter most. With GPS you are never lost in the world. Groovy music on music player and FM radio to was away the stress. Expandable memory and exceptional connectivity to fully complement the other features of this handset.N-series mobile phones have the power to captivate any mobile user. Its your turn now. Nokia N73